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Cybersecurity Course In Thrissur, which prioritizes career development and practical application, provide a clear path to a successful career in ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

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Why Choose RedTeam Hacker Academy?

The Ultimate Ethical Hacking Journey Starts Here

RedTeam Hacker Academy’s career-focused, implementation-based learning programs pave the road to a success-assured career in Ethical hacking & cybersecurity.

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Protecting The Future Through Ethical Hacking Education

Certified Penetration

80 Hours | 12 hours/week

Certified IT Infrastructure
& Cyber SOC Analyst

180 Hours | 10 hours/week

Advanced Diploma in
Cyber Defense

400 Hours | 10 hours/week

Certified Ethical Hacker

180 Hours | 10 hours/week

Ethical Hacker

40 Hours | 10 hours/week

Certified RedTeam

45 Hours | 12 hours/week

Computer Hacking
Forensic Investigator

40 Hours | 10 hours/week


40 Hours | 10 hours/week

What We Offers

Choose Your Mode Of Study

Classroom Training

Get hands-on cybersecurity training in a classroom setting to enhance your skills and knowledge with expert instructors.



Pentest Garage

RedTeam Hackers Academy’s Pentest Garage gamifies penetration testing for candidates to self-validate their skills and understanding level by level.


Learn cybersecurity anywhere with RedTeam 360’s E-Learning platform, becoming a professional regardless of your location.



RedTeam Xperience

RedTeam Hacker Academy’s all-inclusive app, RedTeam Xperience, offers a personalized learning experience at your fingertips.

RedTeam Talents

Connecting People with Their Dream Careers

Our Cybersecurity Course In Thrissur We aim to help individuals achieve their career aspirations and goals by providing tailored guidance, resources, and opportunities that align with their desired profession, ultimately connecting them with their dream job.

Unlock Your Potential with Our Placement Services

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Our Recent Placements

Our students’ recent placements in leading companies across various industries are a testament to the excellence of our training and the exceptional skills of our graduates, and we take great pride in these achievements.

RedTeam Placements

Companies Where Our Students are Employed

The success of our students in securing positions across a diverse range of industries, such as technology, finance, healthcare, and others, serves as evidence of the adaptability and worth of our training programs.

Learn To Hack Ethically And Secure The World

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The blended training methodology coupled with practical hands-on experience with highly equipped classroom infrastructure and the best of internationally certified trainers makes us unique.
Calicut, Kochi, Mangalore, Kottakkal and Trivandrum.

We designed courses that serve the ongoing demands in the industry. With our certifications, thousands of students reached their destinations in the cybersecurity careers.

You just need to have knowledge of general operations of computers. Once you finish the course, a lot of hands-on practice would make one a good Hacker. if you know the basics of computer networks. Else, we recommend you do the 6-day version, where the first day is spent in understanding network and operating system fundamentals.

Definitely you can. We provide online training with flexible schedules.

The exponential convergence of Telecommunication made the industry verticles to shift the Human – Machine integrations and thus turned the threat landscape extended. There are unfilled openings in Health care, financial sectors like banks and other firms, manufacturing companies, aeronautical spaces, maritime industries, etc..

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    Certified Penetration Tester

    80 Hours | 12 hours/week




    Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

    80 Hours | 12 hours/week




    Certified Penetration Tester

    80 Hours | 12 hours/week




    Certified IT Infrastructure and Cyber SOC Analyst

    80 Hours | 12 hours/week


    Protecting The Future Through Ethical Hacking Education

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    Our Global Footprint is Increasing

    We’re increasing our global presence with new locations and partnerships, expanding our reach and impact on learners worldwide.
    Cybersecurity Course In Thrissur

    Empowering Ethical Hackers to Protect Our Digital World

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