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Certified Red Team Associate Training In Thrissur

The power of a great warrior lies in enhancing their skills.

    Stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity

    Know more about the Course

    Overview Of Certified Red Team Associate Training In Thrissur

    The Certified Red Team Associate training in Thrissur, offered by RTHA, is an excellent opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to gain practical knowledge of reliable Red teaming techniques. The program equips candidates with the necessary skills to detect, prevent, and mitigate security vulnerabilities, and interpret the results for making meaningful security improvements. By undergoing CRTA training, candidates can become experts in security infrastructure exploitation, penetration testing, and red teaming, making them valuable assets in any organization’s defense strategy. Enrolling in the Certified RedTeam Associate training Thrissur could be a wise decision for any cybersecurity professional looking to advance their career in this field.


    45 Hours

    Total Modules


    Program format

    Online/Offline/ Blended


    12 hours/week

    Who is the course for?

    The certification is suitable for individuals who are graduates, undergraduates, network and systems administrators, IT personnel, or those with a keen interest in acquiring knowledge about information security.

    Take a look at our Comprehensive Curriculum

    Module 1

    Introduction to Red Team’s Plan and Execution

    Module 2

    Managing and Measuring your Red Team

    Module 3

    PowerShell for Red Teamers

    Module 4

    Offensive Security

    Module 5

    Web & Network Exploitation

    Module 6

    War Game between RedTeam v/s Blue Team

    Module 7

    Red Team Exercise Executions

    Module 8

    Red Teaming on Enterprise Active Directory Environment

    Learn To Hack Ethically And Secure The World

    The course will cover various tools that you can learn and use.

    What will you learn

    Learning Objective of CRTA

    Red Team Associate certification course aims to deliver comprehensive skills in:

    Perform Red Team Exercise Execution.

    Find Optimal Solution for various Red Teaming Operations.

    Bypass Enterprise-Level Network Restrictions

    Understand the Tactics of Blue-Team.

    Automate Red Team Activities.

    Offensively use PowerShell.

    Apply Cyber Kill Chain in a real-world simulated environment.

    Perform Red Teaming on Enterprise Active Directory Environment.

    Protecting The Future Through Ethical Hacking Education

    CRTA Adversary Simulation Lab Highlights

    During training at RedTeam Hacker Academy, candidates are granted online entry to advanced Adversary Simulation laboratories that are fully equipped. This allows candidates to learn how to tackle real-world security challenges with hands-on experience and grow as ethical hackers.

    Multiple segregated networks with updated linux & Windows operating servers/workstations

    Extensive OSINT lab activities.

    Custom Web Exploitation Platforms.

    Exploiting combination of Linux & Windows machines.

    Remote Access services exploitation

    Upgrade your Active Directory skills with simulated users in one of the multi-segregated networks.

    Exploitation of widely used automation software.

    Abusing mis-configurations of enterprise security solutions etc.

    Cybersecurity Careers after Certified Red Team Associate

    By passing the CRTA program, professionals can demonstrate their expertise and advance their careers by gaining globally-recognized Certified Red Team Associate credentials. This certification empowers cybersecurity professionals to develop the skills and knowledge to better defend their organization’s digital infrastructure against potential threats.

    Penetration Tester- RedTeam

    Red Team Security Engineer

    Cyber Analyst

    Red Team Manager

    Red Team Security Consultant

    More details about the Course

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Certified RedTeam Associate course is designed for individuals who have completed their education, including graduates and undergraduates, as well as network and systems administrators, IT professionals, and anyone with an interest in information security.

    By undergoing the RedTeam certification program, cybersecurity experts can hone their abilities to identify and effectively manage existing and emerging security risks.

    The CRTA program offered by RedTeam Academy stands out for its hands-on training led by qualified Red Team experts in the industry, comprehensive illustrations are woven into the entire curriculum, implementation of the latest and verified best practices in real-world scenarios, and the provision of globally recognized Red Team Associate credentials upon successful completion of the course.

    Upon receiving the CRTA certification, candidates may be eligible for diverse job opportunities, including

    • Penetration Tester-RedTeam,
    • RedTeam Security Engineer, 
    • Cyber Analyst, 
    • RedTeam Manager
    • RedTeam Security Consultant

      "Red Team Hacker Academy has provides a positive learning atmosphere which is crucial for effective learning and skill development in cybersecurity, the management and faculties are altogether with the students through out the entire process with their assistance and motivations"

      ARJUN K D

      Red team hacker academy make me realise that hacking can make our carrier with lots of opportunities and they teach in simple method how student can understand And with great assistant Its really proud to be part of such wonderful academy I strongly suggest "red team hacker academy" for students who interest to learn cyber security They provide large number of course


      Red Team Hacker Academy Offers a New carrier in Cyber security, With Variety of courses , Students also get a pre-recorded classes its very helpfull to followup and learn more , The Trainers are well experienced and Great Assistance . Such a Great experience with Redteam hacker Academy

      Prathyush P

      Red Team such great academy. The classes are superb with all the required facilities and so cooperating faculty. You can even share any kind of problem with the management. all over the academy team is very inspiring and full of excited. The most admiring part is that the tutors focus on conceptual development. so I recommend students aspiring a career in cyber security to join "RedTeam hackers academy"

      Muhammed Sinan PP

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