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Ethical Hacker Junior Course In Thrissur

Train to Become an Ethical Hacker

    Stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity

    Know more about the Course

    Overview of Ethical Hacker Jr

    The Ethical Hacking Course for Kids in Thrissur provides children between the ages of 13 to 18 the opportunity to explore and understand the fundamentals of cyber security. Understanding the principles of ethical hacking can help children become more aware of their digital footprint and the potential risks of sharing personal information online.

    Through the use of engaging activities and simplified language, the course material is designed to ensure that even young learners can understand the fundamentals of ethical hacking. Through this course, kids will gain the ability to identify potential loopholes in networks and develop strategies to secure them.


    40 Hours

    Total Modules


    Program format

    Online/Offline/ Blended


    10 hours/week

    Who is the course for?

    Junior course for aspiring ethical hackers

    Take a look at our Comprehensive Curriculum

    Module 1

    Introduction to Cyber Security

    Module 2

    Understanding Cyber Attacks

    Module 3

    Understanding Dark Side of Social Media

    Module 4

    Making Computers More Secure

    Module 5

    Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    Module 6

    Understanding How Systems Communicate each other

    Module 7

    Information Gathering

    Module 8

    Network Scanning & Network Sniffing

    Module 9

    System Hacking

    Module 10

    Hacking and Securing Wireless Networks

    Module 11

    Hands-on training for becoming Cybersecurity Ambassador in your campus

    Module 12

    Capture The Flag Challenges and Competitions

    Module 13

    Bug Bounty Hunting Essentials

    Module 14

    Practice your ethical hacking skills with Android Emulators

    Module 15

    Project and Examinations

    Learn To Hack Ethically And Secure The World

    The course will cover various tools that you can learn and use.

    What will you learn

    Introduction to Cyber Security

    Understanding Dark Side of Social Media

    Information Gathering

    Network Scanning Concepts

    CTF Exercises

    Understanding Cyber Attacks

    Understanding How Systems Communicate Each Other

    System Hacking

    Phases Of Ethical Hacking

    Protecting The Future Through Ethical Hacking Education

    Why us ? Why Ethical Hacker Jr?

    RedTeam Hacker Academy has been consistently ranked among the top institutes in India for its comprehensive course structure, internationally renowned faculty, and unique teaching techniques. Our success is a testament to our commitment to providing quality and comprehensive training, ensuring a bright future for our students.

    RedTeam Hacker Academy is playing a major role in creating a safe, secure, and responsible cyberspace for everyone.

    Educating children on how to navigate the web and make informed decisions is essential to ensure they use the Internet wisely. It teaches kids that the internet is a powerful tool to be used for good, not just a place to be wary of.

    Fully-equipped real-like practice environments

    Well-crafted Career-focused curriculum

    Training sessions delivered by Subject Matter Experts having extensive experience

    Lab-intensive learning from industry’s certified Red Teamers

    Exemplary illustrations of the overall curriculum

    Hands-on application of the most recent and proven best practices

    A well-crafted, very user friendly platform for Cybersecurity Learning experience

    More details about the Course

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A typical ethical hacking junior course covers Introduction to Cybersecurity, Understanding Cyber Attacks, Introduction to Ethical Hacking, and many more.

    It takes 40 hours to finish the Ethical Hacker Junior Course.

    The course is accessible from anywhere and is available online.

    Yes, candidates for our Ethical Hacker Junior program can receive a scholarship that covers a significant portion of the program fees.

      "Red Team Hacker Academy has provides a positive learning atmosphere which is crucial for effective learning and skill development in cybersecurity, the management and faculties are altogether with the students through out the entire process with their assistance and motivations"

      ARJUN K D

      Red team hacker academy make me realise that hacking can make our carrier with lots of opportunities and they teach in simple method how student can understand And with great assistant Its really proud to be part of such wonderful academy I strongly suggest "red team hacker academy" for students who interest to learn cyber security They provide large number of course


      Red Team Hacker Academy Offers a New carrier in Cyber security, With Variety of courses , Students also get a pre-recorded classes its very helpfull to followup and learn more , The Trainers are well experienced and Great Assistance . Such a Great experience with Redteam hacker Academy

      Prathyush P

      Red Team such great academy. The classes are superb with all the required facilities and so cooperating faculty. You can even share any kind of problem with the management. all over the academy team is very inspiring and full of excited. The most admiring part is that the tutors focus on conceptual development. so I recommend students aspiring a career in cyber security to join "RedTeam hackers academy"

      Muhammed Sinan PP

      Empowering Ethical Hackers to Protect Our Digital World

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